Hospital Centers

Family and community / Home Visits Medicine

The Department of Family and Community Medicine is one of the departments in the military hospital. This department works to provide high-quality family medicine services to employees of the Ministry of Defense and their families in times of peace and war. Family and community medicine services are provided through its centers |Family and Community Medicine Center Ahad Rafaida: The largest centers The center received the recognition of the Joint Commission International (JCI) in April 2014, 2021 |Family and Community Medicine Center King Faisal Military City: It is located inside the King Faisal Military City. And he serves all employees of the Ministry of Defense and their families during working hours and outside work. |Family and Community Medicine Center King Khalid Air Base: It is located inside King Khalid Air Base and provides family and community medicine services to the residents of King Khalid Air Base |Family and Community Medicine Center Abha City: It is the most recent management center and it was started in 1435 AH; To provide family and community medicine services to employees of the Ministry of Defense and their families residing in Abha and nearby governorates |Home Health Care Department: It is located in King Faisal Military City, and it provides home health services for the disabled and bedridden patients from employees of the Ministry of Defense and their families, which amounted to nearly 2,000 patients within 50 km of the hospital.

Dentistry Center

The Dental Center is one of the important hospital centers, which receives a large number of registered and transferred cases from other armed forces hospitals in Najran, Sharurah, Jazan and Wadi Al-Dawasir, as well as from hospital's departments. All cases of maxillofacial injuries as a result of war injuries , road accidents and other injuries are received. we serve armed forces and their families, providing all means of care in times of peace and war, and doing the impossible to serve the patients. Dental center and its affiliated clinics: The center consists of several buildings that provide treatment services in several locations according to specialization, as follows: |The main dental center building in king Fahd hospital contains (64) specialized clinics that include all sub-specialties of dentistry, and cases are received by transferring from general dental clinics, as well as oral and dental health clinics, center management, quality and quality management unit, and continuous education and training unit , the postgraduate unit and lecture halls, as well as operating rooms, hypnosis and a dental lab. |The general clinics building (100 villas) in the military city contains (25) general dental clinics. Cases are received through electronic registration on the hospital website, and they are treated immediately during official working hours. |King Khalid Air Base clinics building contains (8) general dental clinics. Cases are received through electronic registration on the hospital's website, and they are treated immediately during official working hours.

Medical Administration Tasks

Medical Administration considers is responsible for all medical departments at the hospital and they are fully responsible for the medical sector budget. And facilitates the task of sections to provide the highest levels of medical and therapeutic care to patients by medical staff according to regulations in place at the hospital. They also ensure the provision of the best possible training for all medical staff and medical assistance and technical in all disciplines to contribute to the planning and to provide the best medical care in the hospital development program. Organizational relationship Medical Sections Medical Director reports directly to the director of the hospital and assistant technical director of the hospital and medical affairs, and oversees the medical management of all their staff for jobs such as medical doctors and paramedics, and core departments and sections that come under the umbrella of medical management are as follows: General Surgery Esoteric sections Women and maternity wards Pediatrics Anesthesia and intensive care and operations Ear, nose and throat, head and neck surgery Ophthalmology Urinary Tract Bones Radiology and radiation diagnosis Skin Psychiatry Emergency and First Aid Daily and endoscopy surgery Diet and clinical nutrition It also has a number of other departments that report directly to the assistant artistic director of the hospital and medical affairs, but in light of the full coordination with medical management are as follows: Disease and dialysis center Diabetes Center Central laboratory and blood bank Heart Services Dentistry Pharmacy Nursing Management Taking into account the work that conforms in all medical and medical assistance sections referred to above with the criteria for the management of patient safety and quality development. Standing Committees The Medical Director of the Department Reports directly to the lifting of the Leadership Council, headed by the hospital director of the hospital also including Commission (JCI) and the Committee of quality, and there are a number of committees headed by Medical Director of the Department are as follows: Higher Committee for the medical management team Commission assessment and accreditation Commission review of medical records Committees which reports to the Supreme Committee for the medical management team are as follows: Team prevent and fight infection Committee optimal use of the family Committee optimal use of blood Commission and the adoption of treatment drugs Commission operating rooms Committee CPR team Committee parenteral nutrition Team research ethics The Committee on the mortality and morbidity Commission assessment and accreditation Commission review of medical records Disciplines and workforce Over the past ten years, the number of medical staff and medical assistance categories tremendously by nearly 100%. Where it was added a number of new disciplines, medical services, including the following: Surgery Surgical Oncology Thoracic Surgery Vascular Surgery Injuries Surgery Colon and rectal surgery Endoscopic Surgery The thyroid gland and breast cancer surgery Esoteric: Tumors Rheumatology Blood diseases Unit General Medicine There is also that there are other services available as a single unit has been fully completed Digestive system Endocrine Chest / lung brain and nerves Pediatric Surgery Neurosurgery There are new sections became independent from the department of surgery are as follows Ear, nose and throat surgeon and head and neck Orthopedic surgery and injuries Eye Surgery Urology Briefing about the projects and development in the medical and therapeutic services over the past years  create an extension of the Center for Medicine and dental surgeries building  the establishment of children's building department and the Department of blood withdrawn  men create a new section for patients with short residence with a capacity of 10 beds  the establishment of the intensive care unit of the Department of Children capacity (4) family  create four rooms for VIPs and officers  the establishment of an intensive care unit, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology with a capacity of 6 beds  establishment of a new expansion of the Department of childbirth building with a capacity of 13 beds  renewal of the old dental medicine department and turn it into a new building for the Department of Medical Records  create a building information management, electronic communications and public affairs Technology  the establishment of the new expansion of the hospital building armed forces in the south  the completion of the project to establish the number (5) new residential buildings to accommodate the doctors and nursing staff and technical staff. This is divided into a number (3) for nurses buildings containing 81 residential units and the number (2) building for families contain a number (12) apartments  the establishment of Prince Khalid bin Sultan Center for heart diseases in Southern Region with a capacity of 70 beds  the completion of the new expansion of the hospital project with a capacity of 120 beds  dental center  oncology center  the establishment of the Administration Building  expansion kidney dialysis center  renewal of the old emergency department  the introduction of number (2) a new digital operations room  expanding daily and the unity of the Department of Surgery Endoscopic Surgery

Medical Sections

Anaesthesia Department

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Obstetrics & Gynecology Department

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Cardiac Services

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Pediatrics and Intensive Care Unit for Newborns

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Ear, nose and throat, head and neck surgery

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Eye surgery

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Intensive Care

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Clinical Services


Introduction: Laboratory holds a recognition of the American College of Pathology and the American Society of Blood Banks American College of recognition of Pathology and the American Society of Blood Banks The lab, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Hospital of the armed forces in the south in the first category at the level of Saudi Arabia, the southern region due to being certified in accordance with international regulatory and legal requirements for health care services. Our vision is to provide the required service to international standards, as we combine what is a globally recognized from clinical experiences with what is presented of services and health care in local hospitals. Provides hospital laboratory section of the armed forces in the south all laboratory tests for blood services, as well as routine laboratory analysis of Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Hematology and Pathology Department aims to achieve the highest standards in patient care, research and education. Section also offers a pathological diagnosis of a large number of medical departments services with modern instruments and techniques available to provide our as well as a number of specialists in subspecialties who have vast experience and highly trained both from within or outside the Kingdom. The Central Laboratory Department of processing and Pathology and Laboratory Medicine latest equipment and we attracted specialists from consultants and technicians with expertise, has been the adoption of this section by the American College of Pathology - the United States since 2002, and provides laboratory comprehensive diagnostic services locally and at the level of the southern region as it is his conversion to conduct many tests from all over the country, as it is also supported by the American Association of Blood Banks since 2007. Section includes laboratory and pathology and laboratory medicine at the following sections Clinical Biochemistry Care test point Blood bank Department of Hematology Department of microbiology Department of Pathology Immune sera and science And molecular diagnostics unit Toxicology Unit Unit to determine tissue type Wing blood donors


Principles The pharmaceutical services management to provide comprehensive, effective and safe pharmaceutical services for patients, doctors and nurses and all health care providers, in relation to the selection of medicines and storage, preparation, distribution, dispensing, and management and ways to give them and control. The field of pharmacy services Providing pharmaceutical services to inpatients and outpatients, including daily dose system and provide sterile preparations, and regular, chemotherapy drugs and exchange control. Pharmaceutical service hospital of the armed forces in the south made up of eight pharmacies and managed electronically. We have more than 170 employees to provide pharmaceutical services that include 1.2 million annually prescription Exchange. We apply all the guidelines of the International Joint Commission (JCI) for the quality of pharmaceutical practice. Operating pharmacy sections: Inpatient Pharmacy Review medications process. Preparation of therapeutic intravenous solutions and parenteral nutrition solutions. Improve follow-up practices with regard to drugs that require vigilance. Preparation chemotherapy. Daily doses for patients distribution system. Provide advice and medicines definition inpatient. Preparation out inpatient drugs. PharmNet system to support the receipt and distribution, planning and follow-up drugs. pharmacy services for pharmaceutical and narcotic control The application of the rules of drugs exchange in accordance with the Saudi Food and Drug Administration rules on narcotic drugs and control. Exchange and re-exchange narcotic drugs and monitoring of patients to all inpatients and outpatients. Remember monitoring and control of narcotic drugs stock. Clinical Pharmacy Services Clinical Pharmacy Services units, intensive care for adults, children and newborns. Provision of pharmaceutical care for patients with tumors, kidney transplantation, pediatrics, cardiology and infectious diseases. The provision of pharmaceutical care plans. Participate in daily traffic on patients with multi-disciplinary. Ensure the appropriateness of medicines and improve treatment outcomes. Supervision of antibiotics program. Follow-up treatment standards for medicines. Follow-up and reporting medical errors and side symptoms. Advisory functions in the technical committees (eg committee medication and treatment, infection control committee, the Committee on Research and ethics ... etc). Support prescriptions for special groups. Providing pharmaceutical information and the provision of services on duty. Outpatient pharmacy Review recipes medicine and ensure appropriate medicines to patients. Exchange and re-exchange drugs for outpatient auditors. Exchange medicines for emergency patients. Preparation of pharmaceutical compositions of others ready-made as well as the required concentrations of liquid medicines. Provide the necessary advice and appropriate for the patient to improve medication use and to achieve therapeutic goals with improved patient outcomes treatment. Achievements Pharmacy opening of family medicine and community - Abha Clinics Center. Pharmacy opening kidney center. Implementation of advanced pharmaceutical services in the new hospital building expansion of the armed forces in the south. The expansion of clinical pharmacy services to support all sections. Console Application automated system daily dose, to reduce medication administration errors. Install a secure and closed system (Exacta Mix ™) for installation and confused flour components parenteral nutrition. Application software system (Apax ™) in order to ensure safety and reduce errors in the description and calculation of the mixing parenteral nutrition solutions. Regulation of the pharmaceutical industry's annual conference, which hosts international and local speakers. Pharmacists rated educational training program, and aims to train pharmacy students in different places and settings to provide pharmaceutical services. Training and education for pharmacy technician and skills development. Future possibilities Pharmaceutical services program takes into account: Automation of all the settings for the implementation of pharmacy and pharmaceutical tasks efficiently, in order to improve patient safety and reduce medical errors. The establishment of a pharmacy to provide pharmaceutical services Heart Center. The establishment of a pharmacy to provide pharmaceutical services diabetes center. Expansion of the pharmacy tumors. The creation of pharmaceutical services in the new hospital building expansion of the armed forces in the south Decentralization of pharmaceutical services to inpatients in all sections of the hospital. The expansion of the pharmaceutical care to cover all disciplines at the hospital, which would improve the quality of health care and ensure patient safety.


Introduction: The radiology department Hospital of the armed forces in the south of the advanced sections and equipped with the latest devices and diagnostic and technical equipment, and Section radiological services to all employees of the armed forces and their families in the region who have the eligibility of hospitalization and is crowded with patients and reviewers radiology department of more sections where it was providing the service for a number (160,000) patients in 2014. Outpatient Services Normal radiographic imaging Provide normal rays of all outpatient clinics without appointment imaging service, at King Fahd Hospital, the center of family medicine and community airbase, and detection clinic on recruits, the Center for Family and Community Medicine one of the Ahad Rafidah. Ultrasonography Provide ultrasound imaging at King Fahd Hospital service only after taking the patient prior to the date. IR spectroscopic Provides spectral radiation outpatient service at King Fahd Hospital after taking an appointment. Mammography rays This service is provided for patients at King Fahd Hospital after taking an appointment. Bone density rays This service is provided for patients at King Fahd Hospital after taking an appointment. CT scan There are three devices ray CT in three hospital different locations and provide all CT studies including advanced studies such as CTA, and CT coronary artery, and offer this service to patients at King Fahd Hospital and the building of the hospital expansion after taking an appointment. MRI There are two MRI at the hospital in two different locations at King Fahd and building the new expansion of the hospital and the service is provided after taking an appointment. Unit of Nuclear Medicine This service is provided only at King Fahd Hospital after taking an appointment. inpatient departments hypnosis Services Normal radiation imaging Ultrasonography CT scan Magnetic Resonance Angiography diagnostic Provide all interventional procedures emergency service around the clock (24/7) for patients with emergency department at King Fahd Hospital as well as all inpatients at King Fahd Hospital sections, and sections of hypnosis new expansion for the Armed Forces Hospital building Hospital King Faisal Military City in the south