• Laboratory holds a recognition of the American College of Pathology and the American Society of Blood Banks American College of recognition of Pathology and the American Society of Blood Banks The lab, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Hospital of the armed forces in the south in the first category at the level of Saudi Arabia, the southern region due to being certified in accordance with international regulatory and legal requirements for health care services. Our vision is to provide the required service to international standards, as we combine what is a globally recognized from clinical experiences with what is presented of services and health care in local hospitals. Provides hospital laboratory section of the armed forces in the south all laboratory tests for blood services, as well as routine laboratory analysis of Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Hematology and Pathology Department aims to achieve the highest standards in patient care, research and education. Section also offers a pathological diagnosis of a large number of medical departments services with modern instruments and techniques available to provide our as well as a number of specialists in subspecialties who have vast experience and highly trained both from within or outside the Kingdom. The Central Laboratory Department of processing and Pathology and Laboratory Medicine latest equipment and we attracted specialists from consultants and technicians with expertise, has been the adoption of this section by the American College of Pathology - the United States since 2002, and provides laboratory comprehensive diagnostic services locally and at the level of the southern region as it is his conversion to conduct many tests from all over the country, as it is also supported by the American Association of Blood Banks since 2007.

Section includes laboratory and pathology and laboratory medicine at the following sections

  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Care test point
  • Blood bank
  • Department of Hematology
  • Department of microbiology
  • Department of Pathology
  • Immune sera and science And molecular diagnostics unit
  • Toxicology Unit
  • Unit to determine tissue type
  • Wing blood donors