Armed Forces Hospitals Southern Region


Our Vision

A sustainable healthy community for the associates of the Ministry of Defense and their families

Our Mission

We promote healthy lifestyle for the personnel of Ministry of Defense and their families and adopt best practices in digitalization and knowledge management and collaborate with the ingdom's healthcare sector to provide integrated preventive and medical services in a professional manner and in line with the international standards of quality and safety at times of war and peace.

Core Values

  • Patient First

    we believe in patients' safety and services as our utmost priority in everything we do

  • Human Centric

    we believe that humans are the center of our care and the focus of our attention in our perpetual journey in promoting healthy lifestyle.

  • Creativity

    We embrace a business environment that stimulates innovation and incubates creativilty

  • Team work

    we work with a one team spirit with high competence to provide integrated and eminent healthcare services

  • Professionalism

    We pledge to the code of ethics when treating our internal and external beneficiaries

  • Continuous Learning

    We passionately share our knowledge and expertise in our pursuit of continuous development