Mission & Vision

AFHSR Mission
“To provide medical and health care support to the Saudi Arabian Armed Forces Personnel and their dependents at the time of war and peace, at any given location. To collaborate with other healthcare sectors within the Kingdom in providing advanced medical care and participating in national health needs
(plans and conditions)”


AFHSR Vision
“AFHSR Works towards achieving a leadership role in promoting quality in healthcare services provided at all MHS Facilities and be a role model nationally and internationally”

AFHSR Values

A – Accountability & professionalism: We accept personal responsibility for the 

       work & achieve the highest standards of professionalism through teamwork,

       collaboration,   education and training
F – Fairness: We provide equal, effective and efficient health care for all our

H – Honesty and Integrity: We firmly uphold truthfulness, reliability, trust worthies

       and ethical code of conduct in all our daily activities
S – Safety and Security: We maintain safe confidential and safe environment of

R – We honor and respect the dignity of all by saying what we mean and meaning

       what we say under ethical behavior in every  and under all circumstances.


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