Medical Administration
Medical Administration Task

Medical Administration Tasks
Medical Administration considers is responsible for all medical departments at the hospital and they are fully responsible for the medical sector budget. And facilitates the task of sections to provide the highest levels of medical and therapeutic care to patients by medical staff according to regulations in place at the hospital. They also ensure the provision of the best possible training for all medical staff and medical assistance and technical  in all disciplines to contribute to the planning and to provide the best medical care in the hospital development program.
Organizational relationship Medical Sections
Medical Director reports directly to the director of the hospital and assistant technical director of the hospital and medical affairs, and oversees the medical management of all their staff for jobs such as medical doctors and paramedics, and core departments and sections that come under the umbrella of medical management are as follows:
General Surgery
Esoteric sections
Women and maternity wards
Anesthesia and intensive care and operations
Ear, nose and throat, head and neck surgery
Urinary Tract
Radiology and radiation diagnosis
Emergency and First Aid
Daily and endoscopy surgery
Diet and clinical nutrition
It also has a number of other departments that report directly to the assistant artistic director of the hospital and medical affairs, but in light of the full coordination with medical management are as follows:
Disease and dialysis center
Diabetes Center
Central laboratory and blood bank
Heart Services
Nursing Management
Taking into account the work that conforms in all medical and medical assistance sections referred to above with the criteria for the management of patient safety and quality development.
Standing Committees
The Medical Director of the Department
Reports directly to the lifting of the Leadership Council, headed by the hospital director of the hospital also including Commission (JCI) and the Committee of quality, and there are a number of committees headed by Medical Director of the Department are as follows:
Higher Committee for the medical management team
Commission assessment and accreditation
Commission review of medical records
Committees which reports to the Supreme Committee for the medical management team are as follows:
Team prevent and fight infection
Committee optimal use of the family
Committee optimal use of blood
Commission and the adoption of treatment drugs
Commission operating rooms
Committee CPR team
Committee parenteral nutrition
Team research ethics
The Committee on the mortality and morbidity
Commission assessment and accreditation
Commission review of medical records
Disciplines and workforce
Over the past ten years, the number of medical staff and medical assistance categories tremendously by nearly 100%. Where it was added a number of new disciplines, medical services, including the following:
Surgical Oncology
Thoracic Surgery
Vascular Surgery
Injuries Surgery
Colon and rectal surgery
Endoscopic Surgery
The thyroid gland and breast cancer surgery
Blood diseases
Unit General Medicine
There is also that there are other services available as a single unit has been fully completed
Digestive system
Chest / lung
brain and nerves
Pediatric Surgery
There are new sections became independent from the department of surgery are as follows
Ear, nose and throat surgeon and head and neck
Orthopedic surgery and injuries
Eye Surgery
Briefing about the projects and development in the medical and therapeutic services over the past years
 create an extension of the Center for Medicine and dental surgeries building
 the establishment of children's building department and the Department of blood withdrawn
 men create a new section for patients with short residence with a capacity of 10 beds
 the establishment of the intensive care unit of the Department of Children capacity (4) family
 create four rooms for VIPs and officers
 the establishment of an intensive care unit, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology with a capacity of 6 beds
 establishment of a new expansion of the Department of childbirth building with a capacity of 13 beds
 renewal of the old dental medicine department and turn it into a new building for the Department of Medical Records
 create a building information management, electronic communications and public affairs Technology
 the establishment of the new expansion of the hospital building armed forces in the south
 the completion of the project to establish the number (5) new residential buildings to accommodate the doctors and nursing staff and technical staff. This is divided into a number (3) for nurses buildings containing 81 residential units and the number (2) building for families contain a number (12) apartments
 the establishment of Prince Khalid bin Sultan Center for heart diseases in Southern Region with a capacity of 70 beds
 the completion of the new expansion of the hospital project with a capacity of 120 beds
 dental center
 oncology center
 the establishment of the Administration Building
 expansion kidney dialysis center
 renewal of the old emergency department
 the introduction of number (2) a new digital operations room
 expanding daily and the unity of the Department of Surgery Endoscopic Surgery

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