Health Education
Terms in Health Education

Terms in Health Education
It is a state of physical, psychological, mental, social and spiritual integration and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
Health education:
It is to provide health information and facts that are related to health and disease for all people.
health conscious :
Is the knowledge of people with information and health facts and their sense of responsibility towards their own health and the health of others, a goal that we seek not to remain healthy only health information as a culture.
Health Habit:
What is the play of the individual without thinking or feeling as a result of frequent recurrence.
Health practice (health behavior):
What is the play of the individual intentionally stems from its commitment to certain values.
It can sound health practices lead turn into habits without feeling as a result of many repetitions and this is the responsibility where the family begins the formation of habits child before they understand or learn the foundations that underpin these habits from a health standpoint.

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