Health Education
Health Education's Objectives and Needs

Health Education's Objectives and Needs

• disseminate concepts sound health knowledge in the community.
• enable people to identify their health problems and needs.
• help people in solving their health problems using their potential.
• Build normal health trends.
• establish proper health behavior and the wrong change to true healthy behavior.
The ultimate goal of health education is:
• Improve the health of the individual and community level.
• reduce the incidence of disease.
• Reduction of disabilities and deaths.
• Improve the quality of life for the individual and society
Need for health education
Everyone needs health education to young and old, men and women, educated and illiterate as it works to improve the awareness and raise the level of interest and awareness among all segments of society.
There is no limit to the topics that can be addressed by the health cultured, as can address any topic related to health, provided that the subject commensurate with the individual's need or targeted health education group

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