Tehama International School
Tehama International School

Tehama International School:

Tehama International School opened in September 2000, and provides services for children aged (5-18 years), the school at present has nearly 300 children, and there are a number (18) classrooms, and laboratory information and communications technology, library, science laboratory, and the school is located within the hospital facilities with include the yard to play with a great football stadium near.

The teachers group is responsible for the care of the students and the teaching of the curriculum, and the work is through cooperation among them, and no school three different study teams are all in communion and relevant and are supported by faculty, and that during the planning for the academic year involved those teams in preparation for all the work, depending on the different experiences, knowledge and experience to ensure work together so as to meet the needs of all children, and in this way we are able to take advantage of the strengths of the staff and improve the quality of education and teaching school Tehama.

And everyone in Tehama school aims to the following:
Children self-reliance and independence in the educational process laying the principle of thinking they have
 Instill the principle of love of learning in children
 Provide appropriate curriculum for all students
 Ensure that all children feel valued themselves
 Promote a sense of belonging to the community
The school seeks our vision to be the worlds of children and the school and parents are actively working in full partnership to enable all children to achieve their potential and their goals underlying

The primary objective of the school includes:

 A sense of safety and value as part of a caring society that leads to success
 That there should be self-reliance in thinking, learning and the ability to find creative and cooperative solutions
 Creating the principle of "mental inquiry" and ask questions
 That there be a full self-confidence and take risks in Education
 Experience and participation of various activities and curricula favorite for children and evolving to meet the needs of everyone
 That children have the ability to listen and expression through the responses show the point of view of others
 The student should be polite and courteous
 That everyone be proactive in their responsibilities towards society and the environment
 Understanding and respect for the principle of diversity
 The student aware of and recognize the special needs of the educational process and the development of self-confidence have a feeling, and that everyone is in good health
Each chapter at the beginning of the school year in the form of consistent rules that can be applied and which can help to facilitate the learning process and be happy classroom environment, in addition to compliance with the rules and values ​​of the school, which is contained in the school guide. There are also expectations of high levels of personal conduct and respect for others, and that we hope that there will be full encouragement and support by parents and school faculty alike. And it is celebrated and celebrate the weekly "student week" and provide a certificate to do so.
Is stimulated children and students largely through careful rewarded periodically and in various ways through the bonuses in kind, moral, and praise them and the opportunity to share their work with teachers or other children, as it is observed their behavior during break times or at lunchtime.


Each one in Tehama International School has the right to:

 A sense of security, care and respect
 Access to higher levels of education and skills development
 To be treated on an equal footing, regardless of gender, race, capacity or any other factors
It is also expected from all of Tehama belongs to the School follows:

 That everyone is responsible for their behavior
 Respect for the rights of others

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