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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical therapy and rehabilitation medical center

It offers physiotherapy center high quality services and comprehensive for employees of the armed forces and their families in addition to hospital staff and their families both in hypnosis sections or in specialized clinics, and specialists physiotherapy who provide treatment services have approved and distinctive certificates of professional bodies in the countries of origin and the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties


 Identify the best opportunities for development and the establishment of priorities and monitor changes
 To maintain the standards, procedures and systems
 Ensure the application of quality standards in solving the health care problems
 Raising the level of protection of the patient and reduce the incidence and risk
 In the quality of care provided through the development of targets and regular measurements and analyzes of developmental performance
 Respond effectively to the expectations and responses patients acts relating to the quality of the service provided
Specific cases and their treatment in the eligibility section:

 Patients referred from specialized clinics and emergency clinics and family medicine
 Inpatient in intensive care and cardiac care and internal medicine departments and surgery departments
 Patients referred from other hospitals in Saudi armed forces by converting a standard approved by the medical services of the armed forces model
Services provided in the Department of Physical Therapy:

 Treatment of bone and muscle injuries and alleviate the symptoms of the disease by manual and electric therapy and exercise therapy and educational programs for the patient
 Re-patient rehabilitation to take advantage of the vital functions due to problems in the nervous system and skeletal or rehabilitation after surgery
 Educational programs and awareness of the patient through therapeutic publications
 Physical therapy for patients with heart and respiratory intensive care and cardiac care and hypnosis sections
 Physical therapy before and after heart surgery
 Training excellence students and technicians Section
 Section participation in the provision of courses and lectures to other departments in the hospital such as the Department of Nursing
 Participation in sports and military projects and other activities
 Medical rehabilitation with regard to the problems of women and childbirth
 Occupational Therapy involves the rehabilitation of the patient to restore normal functions through treatment programs and the use of splints
Therapeutic service providers in the section:

 Prime Medical Center Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
 Assistant Head of Department
 The first physical therapy specialist
 Physical therapy specialists
 Occupational therapy specialists
 Physiotherapy technicians
 Reception staff
 Types and therapeutic tools used:

 Electroconvulsive therapy:
 Electrical muscle stimulation device (EMS)
 Electrical nerve stimulation device (TENS)
 Ultrasound device (ULTRASOUND)
 Laser therapy (LASER)
 Tow device (TRACTION)
 Hot compresses device
 Cold compresses device
 A melt wax (WAX BATH)
 Exercise therapy:
 Exercise protocols
 Therapeutic exercise devices
 Rehabilitation exercises own nerves and stroke patients and rehabilitation of children


 Manual therapy:
 Moving the joints
 Massage for facial muscles
 Physiotherapy for the respiratory system
 Change the treatment of postures for the extraction of lung fluids POSTURAL DRAINAG

 Representatives of audit committees in the hospital
 Quality and Patient Safety representatives
 fighting the infection
 Pulmonary and cardiopulmonary resuscitation
 Health education for patients
Continuing education for employees of the department:

 Regular monthly lectures
 CPR course
 Staff training course in cases of emergency warning
 Security and safety course
 fighting the infection
 Taken reference therapeutic protocols used in the section of other military hospitals and supported by the international hospitals (JCI or JACHO)

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