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Prince Khaled bin Sultan Cardiac Centre

Prince Khaled bin Sultan Cardiac Centre
Heart Services Section
It provides the heart center in the Armed Forces Hospital in the south services military and civilian Southern Region for the patients, and is considered the center of the region's leading centers have King Faisal Military City Hospital saw the holding of the first open-heart operation in the Middle East in 1975 with the participation of a medical team from the United States, was conducted the first successful heart of the process of transferring the southern region on 05/05/1998 m.
The section consists of:
Unit Cardiac Catheterization:
 Doing about (2000) catheter during the year, including nearly 1,300 catheter preemptive
 It is in the unity of the catheter aortic valve replacement through a catheter to critical situations that suffer from severe narrow aortic valve
 Severe reflux in mitral and unfit for surgery through the work of adjusting to reflux through the catheter
Unit-heart surgery:
 Is doing a heart bypass grafting surgery
 Replace the aortic valve
 Replace or repair mitral
At a rate of 300 cases per year

Unit sound waves:
Doing the diagnosis and cardiac imaging cases either hospital or reserved from abroad at a rate of (6000) case as well as for adults (1800) The status of children

Unit normal ECG and effort:
The follow-up hospital cases of internal and external clinics at a rate of (400) and an ordinary case number (600) state effort

Heart specialist clinics:
The follow-up of patients a day through consultants and specialists at a rate (11,000) annually case for adults and (10.000) for the seizure cases of blood clotting and about 600 case children, and (250) case clinic follow-up patients batteries and organizer of the heart and about 250 state Clinic Heart Surgery and that periodic follow-up

And it is currently being finalized procedures run Prince Khalid bin Sultan Center for heart diseases in Southern Region with a capacity of 70 beds, and includes a number (10) family to take care of the heart and 10 beds for intensive care and (22) hypnosis men and beds (20) hypnosis bed women and 10 family hypnotized children, in addition to the number (2) lab Cardiac Catheterization  and number (3) rooms for operations heart and number (5) Clinics for adults as well as the heart of a children's clinic, the center offers multiple medical services, including:

 All kinds of open-heart surgery
 Cardiac Catheterization and expand the arteries
 Pacemaker implantation
 Radiological examinations of the heart

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