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Dentistry Center

Dentistry Center

The dental center hospital of the armed forces south region only Reference military hospitals in Southern Region Center provides medical services to three regions of the biggest parts of the Kingdom, a region of Asir, Jizan and Najran, which include (35) province and (155) center, beginning from Taif borders and patio in the north to the end of Sharourah  and Kherkher south and borders Wadi Aldawasir in the east to the west end of Jazan limits, and the center is available the following disciplines:

 General Dentistry
 Pediatric Dentistry
 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
 Dental Implants
 Dentures combinations
 Central Dental Laboratory

Our goals
 To live up to our service level that we aspire to and in accordance with the highest professional standards to provide us with at least 275 jobs distributed among the various medical specialties and support
 Upgrading academic and educational level, through the creation of graduate programs, pay attention to scientific research and attract scarce talent
 Access to facilities befitting the status of medical services and to elevate the level of service.
 Work to provide therapeutic service for the largest slice of the employees of the armed forces and this is achieved by increasing the number of workers, and attracting doctors from various universities of excellence, and to increase working hours to stretch the evening for the period
Currently offers service in the number of (3) specialized centers in the following locations:

 The main center at King Faisal Military City
 Dental Centre percent villa neighborhood within the military city
 Dental Center, King Khalid air base
Currently being construction of the new expansion of the Center for Dentistry capacity (32) clinic, in addition to the new medicine center and dental surgeries with a capacity of (64) clinic between specialist and the general also include (3) rooms for surgery and (4) Rooms for sober and (16) beds to hypnosis and plant a sophisticated and (4) Rooms Central rays and three-dimensional CT and on the lecture hall equipped with the latest modern techniques of laser device (barely cam cad-cam), which is an add-great leap to the beneficiaries of therapeutic service for the current Clinics capacity (37) clinic, bringing the total dental clinics to (133) Clinic

Future plans for the development of dental center
We can divide the future plans into three sections, depending on the time factor to get the service to the desired level during the next five years:

 Plan near-term (end of year 1436 e) There are a number (32) clinic is currently being processed for the completion of distributed specialized clinics and between individuals and public clinics, and clinics air base is expected to open these clinics before the end of the year 1436 AH
 Medium-term plan (by year-end 1437 e) is currently the establishment of a four-storey building to be a center of teeth and will contain (64) Sixty-two clinic full range of accessories with operations, laboratories, lecture halls rooms, and is expected to be completed by the construction end of the year 1436 AH and then processing begins and therefore will be the total number of clinics in the event of the completion of these projects with existing clinics (133) Clinic
 Long-term plan (until the end of 1445) and the plan did not start in the proceedings and did not take any concrete steps to start in. But we hope that dream come true become in the near future and this is not impossible after reconciling God on the Custodian of the Two government which we have become accustomed them to make fantasy a reality and this after facilitating God first, and then the efforts of the medical services of the armed forces and the efforts of the armed forces hospital management in the south, men loyal and who are sparing no effort to achieve the impossible, so we hope that by the end of the year (1445 AH) after ten years that is created at least (200) clinic, bringing the the total to more than 300 clinic at least

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