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Diabetes Center

Diabetes center
The Diabetes Center Hospital of the armed forces in the south of the health care facility that combines the expertise of doctors and technicians trained locally and internationally to provide excellent medical services and care for patients with high quality, has been the center was established in 2004.
It is a specialized center to provide services to patients with diabetes of the military and their families. And finds the center number (4) clinics, doctors, and the number of (1) a room for sorting and measurement of vital signs, and the number (3) Rooms Foot Care, and the number of (1) a room for health education, and the number of (1) a room for the disbursement of sugar measuring devices, and room monitoring, and room for feeding , reception, lounges and waiting for patients (men / women)
Goals Section

 The provision of care for patients with high-quality diabetes through qualified doctors
 Providing good care for patients through nursing care applied correctly
 Provide effective medical care with through cooperation with all doctors and surgeons
 All educate patients and their families to reach the desired level of goals and corresponding to the International Joint Commission for quality requirements (JCI)
 All employees must have a good and fully aware of the practices and objectives of the international safety and applied by (JCI)
 Provide the service to ensure the satisfaction of patients and auditors through good interview patients and their families
What are the important activities carried out by the service center and what is the size of the actions and achievements annually?
In the screening room:

 Checking vital signs, and to do test blood sugar
 The latest results of the blood that has been done by the patient before the deadline clinic examination registration
  Foot examination
 The theoretical examination of the patient to the doctor before the show
 Examination of the work of Paul to the patient which blood sugar of 16 mmol / dL or more
In the care of diabetic foot clinic:

 Examine the foot and take care of it and provide advice to the patient, and the change on wounds
 Tnder wounds and discharged
Health education in diabetes room:

 Patient Education
 His training on the insulin dose that will take them according to what is described to him
  Vaccination patient sera pneumonia, influenza, meningococcal
 Exchange sugar measuring devices and tapes
In the hardware distribution room:

 Patient training on how to use sugar measuring tapes and their importance device
In glucose control room:

 Training patients on the importance of proper monitoring
 Distribution of brochures and pamphlets guidance
 Receive communications and respond to all the needs of patients with blood sugar respect they have throughout the week, and then the doctors adjust their insulin dose, and then inform the patient is properly adjusted to the new dose and tell them the next deadline
 All cases are presented every afternoon Monday hall meetings in academic affairs where doctors discuss how to adjust the dose of insulin and diabetes medicines for patients
 Staff involved: doctors, nurses, education
In nutrition room:

 The training of diabetic patients on proper diet and to clarify the possible complications in the event of failure to follow appropriate diet for them
 Clarify the appropriate sports training them
 Provide a list of the required and appropriate food system
 Patient follow-up dates

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